The next Essex Sportives are:-
Essex Behemoth 12th & 13th July 2014 See
Autumn Leaves 28th September 2014 See Details
Spring Lambs 5th April 2015 Details to be announced
Previous Essex Sportives have been:-
Spring Lambs 6th April 2014 See Results and Pictures
Autumn Leaves 22nd September 2013 See Results
OrchidCycle13 9th June 2013 Results not available
Spring Lambs 7th April 2013 See Results
Autumn Leaves 23rd September 2012 See Results
OrchidCycle12 10th June 2012 See Results
Spring Lambs 1st April 2012 See Results
Autumn Leaves 25th September 2011  See Results
OrchidCycle11 12th June 2011 See Results
Spring Lambs 3rd April 2011 See Results
Autumn Leaves 26th September 2010 See Results
Essex Epic Off-Road 15th August 2010 See Results
OrchidCycle10 13th June 2010 Results not available
Spring Lambs 11th April 2010 See Results
Autumn Leaves 27th September 2009 See Results
OrchidCycle09 14th June 2009 Results not available
Spring Lambs 5th April 2009 See Results
Autumn Leaves 28th September 2008 See Results

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